Nos métiers


CANOVIA, an investment bank and mission-based company, contributes to the rise of organisations – including those with modest finances such as SMB and Mid-sized Businesses – in the name of equal opportunities before the market. We thus intervene through three professions.


Financial Services

Ensure the efficiency of your complex financial transactions.

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Corporate Strategy & Sustainable Finance

Anticipate challenges and risks through a resilient and sustainable strategy.

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Investment Banking

Support the growth of the company by negotiating its financing.

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Restructuration & Transmission

Provide a sustainable transmission for the company or the group

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Wine Investment Group (GFV)

Support a sustainable and committed wine domain trough the Wine Investment Group by Canovia.

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CSR Consulting

Create opportunities out of your CSR Transition

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Approach and methodology

Acting today for a better tomorrow implies a continued commitment to actual performance. As opposed to a theoretical approach, our investment bank chose a methodology based on the sociological principal of ‘effectuation’:

  • Start with what we have
  • Consider acceptable losses
  • Take advantage of surprises
  • Build a project based on the stakeholders’ expectations
  • Transform rather than discover the environment
  • Ethics and conduct

    As a mission-based company, Canovia is committed to placing financial activities at the heart of the collective and environmental common good. Thus all the missions undertaken with our clients must comply with the company’s ethics.

    Because of its history and the personalities of its board members, Canovia has developed a code of conduct based on fairness between the various actors involved, loyalty towards our clients and our motto to act today for a better tomorrow, and transparency towards the members of the ecosystems with which we are involved. Our ethics are also rooted in integrity, our deep respect for confidentiality and engaging in dialogue with all the stakeholders (internal and external).

    Similarly, we conduct our business guided by strong ethics. We therefore strictly comply with the regulatory framework decreed by our regulatory bodies. In addition, and in line with our commitment to reduce our environmental impact and push forward our social and societal roles, we follow a set of internal rules and procedures that are part of our quality management system. This system allows us to improve our efficiency, control various risks linked to our activity, manage family conflicts of interests, and fight money laundering, harassment and discrimination.

  • Project management

    Our team works in collaborative management to carry out your projects with clearly defined goals, tasks, deadlines, resources (human, technical and financial) and roles. This allows for a ‘turnkey’ management of the project that reconciles your deadlines and all your recommendations. 

    Our team at Canovia is nimble and multiskilled, and we have the capacity to rally a variety of resources and competences – lawyers, management controllers, communication professionals, research workers, mergers and acquisitions analysts, investment bankers, engineers – to achieve an operational objective that meets our client’s specific constraints. It allows us to understand your issues from different angles which in turn, as we compare them, enables a systemic approach and therefore a quick proposal of operational, profitable, initiated solutions.

    Collaborative management is also a great tool for skills transfer, enabling individuals to improve their analytical skills and consequently the quality of their proposals.

    Project-management mode is facilitated using collaborative tools. Canovia’s objective is to ensure a good flow of information between project members, and for all to save time. 

    This collaborative management is the best way to bring out innovative, profitable solutions that are sustainable while integrating the expectations of all stakeholders. Thus our vision as a CSR-conscious actor allows us to offer solutions through which our clients are themselves more engaged with the world.

  • The big picture

    We consider that approaching an issue through the prism of a single discipline is not enough to move successfully from theory to reality. Canovia is part of the André Le Groupe and is therefore able to provide the highest levels of specialised skillsets to address the most demanding clients’ issues according to a defined schedule. This is our big-picture, 360° vision and coupled to multi-disciplinary approach it allows us to envision a systemic reality through the confrontation of knowledge.