Une équipe pluridisciplinaire pour un accompagnement sur-mesure

Marc-Antoine SERIS

Founding President
Associate Director
When I co-founded LEM3N, now Canovia, I wanted to promote the emergence of sustainable finance, with the aim of finding balanced models between the environment, the economy, finance, people and the earth.

Nicolas GUERIN

Juriste d'Affaires
Collaborateur Associé
Diplômé en Droit des Affaires Internationales, j’ai intégré Canovia en 2017. Aujourd'hui, en tant que Responsable Juridique et Collaborateur-Associé j'interviens sur l'accompagnement stratégique et la gestion des projets d'envergure de nos clients.

Delphine BAR

Business Lawyer
I joined Canovia in 2021 as a business lawyer following my end-of-studies internship. Canovia gave me the opportunity to work on a wide range of subjects, including CSR, banking and financial law, and strategic support for our customers.


CSR Consultant
I joined Canovia as a CSR consultant in May 2022 in order to participate in the deployment and implementation of company's internal CSR. As such, in each of my mission I apply the values held by Canovia.

Baptiste BLOCH

Financial Analysis
Sciences Po Paris graduated, I began my career with a major network in the social finance sector. Motivated by the company's project and values, I joined Canovia as an analyst, to extend my commitment to serving entrepreneurs and the local community.


Chargée Marketing & Communication
Spécialisée dans le Webmarketing, j'ai rejoint Canovia fin 2021 en tant que Community Manager. A ce titre, je communique au plus grand nombre l'offre, les ambitions et les valeurs de Canovia.


Analyste Financier
Après des études en droit et en finances, j'ai souhaité rejoindre une structure à taille humaine, sérieuse et engagée. Début 2023, j'intègre Canovia motivé par sa mission sociétale et par son ancrage local. En tant qu'analyste, j'accompagne des PME régionales dans leurs opérations de fusions-acquisitions, financements structurés, levées de fonds, etc.


Specialized in consolidation since obtaining my DSCG in 2017, I have decided to bring my expertise to Canovia from the end of 2022, finding an opportunity to blossom within a team of diversified professions in a company that shares my values.


Chargé Marketing & Communication
Formé en classe préparatoire aux métiers des arts appliqués puis diplômé comme Responsable de Communication et Marketing, j'ai rejoint Canovia en 2023. Avec mes compétences stratégiques et mes expériences acquises dans différentes structures, j'accompagne Canovia dans le développement et la valorisation de son image de marque.

Florian HUARD

After 9 years of experience in auditing and consulting, I joined Canovia in early 2023 as a consolidator. I fully identify with the values of Canovia.


Financial controller
Transaction Services
With 25 years' experience in corporate finance, I joined Canovia in March 2022 to help bring demanding, innovative solutions to business leaders, and support them in optimizing the management of their financial and non-financial data.


PhD student in Sustainable Finance
After studying Finance and a successful experience in strategic consulting I wanted to pursue my career in an investment bank. The innovative, inclusive model as well as the regional roots prompted me to join Canovia in September 2019.

Antoine PONCE

Investment Banker
With a PhD in Neuroscience, I began my professional career by creating a Start-Up in the Medical Devices sector before joining the regional incubator of Burgundy Region. I joined Canovia Banque d'Affaires at the beginning of 2022 as a Business Banker to contribute to the link between customers and all regional stakeholders.

Floriane REYMOND

Chargée Marketing & Communication
Après plusieurs années d'expérience dans le domaine du commerce et du marketing, j'avais à cœur de mettre mon savoir-faire à contribution d'une entreprise dont je partage la vision. J'ai rejoint l'équipe début 2023 pour renforcer le rayonnement de Canovia, de sa philosophie et de ses valeurs en tant que Chargée Marketing & Communication.


CSR Senior Consultant
Since 2008, I have contributed to the integration of CSR performance into the strategy of major French groups in the retail and luxury goods industries. After two years as a consultant in Dijon and teaching at Sciences Po Paris and BSB, I joined the Canovia CSR team in August 2022 to support our customers in adapting their models for better integrated and sustainable performance.


Business Lawyer
As a business lawyer with Canovia since 2020, I apply my cross-disciplinary legal skills on a daily basis. The company's ethics and versatility were decisive factors in my choice.