Restructuration & Transmission

In the life of a company, there are key moments when it is necessary to adapt to new challenges in order to pass a milestone

One of these moments involves a change in the company's management and the ensuing handover procedures.
But how to structure and pass on your company(ies) in a sustainable way, while optimizing its financial, legal and tax flows?
This question concerns not only the current head of the Group, the future buyer(s), but also the members of their families and all the stakeholders who gravitate around this ecosystem. That's why Canovia takes a strong sociological approach to the (re)structuring and transfer of a Group, with a clear objective: to ensure a lasting transfer.

To do so, we follow a precise methodology, adapted to your specific needs

A lifetime's work

You have built up your company, made it evolve and now it's time to pass it on. That's why we pay particular attention to offering you a (re)structuring and transfer model adapted to your professional life and your wishes for the future.


Based on individual and confidential discussions with the stakeholders involved, and an audit of your company's records, Canovia identifies your needs and designs a model approach.


Canovia analyzes the impact of the model you have chosen, and proposes a financing strategy based on it. Our multidisciplinary team then works to engineering and optimizing the existing model.

Family Office

Depending on your needs, our team implements the chosen transfer strategy and provides long-term support for the new managers in the selected model through up-to-date management supervision, dedicated support and partner management.

Our dedicated team

Diplômé en Droit des Affaires Internationales, j’ai intégré Canovia en 2017. Aujourd'hui, en tant que Responsable Juridique et Collaborateur-Associé j'interviens sur l'accompagnement stratégique et la gestion des projets d'envergure de nos clients.
Responsable Juridique
As a business lawyer with Canovia since 2020, I apply my cross-disciplinary legal skills on a daily basis. The company's ethics and versatility were decisive factors in my choice.
Business Lawyer
I joined Canovia in 2021 as a business lawyer following my end-of-studies internship. Canovia gave me the opportunity to work on a wide range of subjects, including CSR, banking and financial law, and strategic support for our customers.
Business Lawyer
With 25 years' experience in corporate finance, I joined Canovia in March 2022 to help bring demanding, innovative solutions to business leaders, and support them in optimizing the management of their financial and non-financial data.
Financial controller

Why choose Canovia ?

When it comes to transferring a business, often the fruit of a lifetime's work, Canovia provides support to ensure a future that matches the ambitions and expectations of the manager. We intervene in both transactional and family transfer contexts. Our aim is to offer comprehensive, practical solutions that take into account all aspects of the project (financial, human, fiscal and social).