GFV Côte-Rôtie Bons Arrêts Monopole


Located in the locality of Bons Arrêts, this plot boasts an ideal Southeast exposure. It is immune to excessive humidity as well as heat waves thanks to a breeze flowing between the forest undergrowth upstream, and a small river downstream.

The vintage is called ‘Côte-Rôtie Bons Arrêts Monopole’


  • GFV created in December 2014
  • Legal status: GFV
  • Manager: Marc-Antoine Seris
  • Winemaker: Stéphane Montez

Introducing the domain Domaine du Monteillet

Located in the Côte-Rôtie area, Stéphane Montez manages with great skill his harvesting and vinification processes to achieve impeccable results. Harvested by hand, the grapes are treated with particular attention to help them reach maturity in the best possible conditions, thus producing exceptional wines.

The news of the GFV Côte-Rôtie Bons Arrêts Monopole

We have no news for this GFV at the moment



Canovia takes care of the structuring of the GFV. We negotiate the vineyard eligible for the project, discuss with the future winegrower, have the quality of the living material studied by an analysis laboratory, and ensure the legal (subscription documents, statutes, etc.) and financial (financing plan) deployment.


The WMC partners

Canovia relies on a network of WMC (Wealth Management Consultant) partners recognized by the Financial Markets Authority. These advisors are responsible for meeting with those interested in the GFV project and informing them about the various technical elements of the operation, by assessing the suitability of the subscription to their personal situation. If the interested party so wishes, and after having been informed of the project as a whole, the WMC can offer to subscribe and accompany him/her through the process.

The subscription

The WMC is in charge of accompanying its client in the completion of the subscription file and funds transfer, received on an escrow account until the constitution of the GFV.


GFV Constitution

Once the subscription files and all the funds have been received, Canovia organizes the constitution of the GFV in the presence of the winegrower, the manager and the notary. Each subscriber then receives a copy of the Kbis extract and a ownership certificate in his or her name, mentioning the number of shares subscribed.


The parcel

Once the GFV is constituted, the parcel is acquired by the GFV with the funds of the subscribers.

The lease

The GFV, owner of the vineyard, gives it to the winegrower on a long-term lease, so that he can work and exploit it. At the end of the lease period (usually a minimum of 25 years), the lease may be automatically renewed from year to year, depending on the decision of the partners, or the vineyard may be sold to a third party or directly to the winegrower.


The winegrower seriously exploits the GFV vineyard throughout the year, for the entire duration of the lease.The exploitation by the winegrower allows each year, during the harvest, to reserve a part of the production to the subscribers so that they receive their endowment.


Each year, and for the lease duration, the associate receives wine bottles from the plot. The number of bottles received depends on the number of shares held by an associate. The first endowment arrives about two years after the GFV constitution, time corresponding to the realization of the first grape harvest, and of the wine making period.