CSR Consulting & Guidance

What if Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) was an opportunity for your company ?

Not sure which CSR standard applies to your sector ? You want to implement an effective CSR approach, but don't know where to start ? Your teams are already very busy, and you're short of time, resources or in-house expertise ?
Whether you're looking to bring your company into line with regulatory requirements, or to develop or optimize an effective CSR approach that is sustainable over the long term, Canovia can help you with cost-effective, sustainable, tailor-made solutions. Our solution range is structured around the following challenges: risk management, regulatory compliance, market development, brand image and access to financing.


Awareness raising and training

Raising awareness about CSR issues among your employees and training your company's staff is the first step towards implementing an efficient CSR approach. 
This is why we offer workshops to raise awareness and educate people about the climate emergency, sustainable development and CSR, such as the Climate Fresco Workshop led by our certified facilitator Juliane BECOURT. 
Our team of CSR experts can also intervene in the training of your activities in line with societal evolutions, on topics such as ethics and corruption, the value chain, purchasing, the circular economy, eco-design, risk analysis and management.

360° CSR Diagnostic

To help you understand the challenges of CSR for your business and define relevant strategies, Canovia provides you with a complete CSR diagnostic, including : 
> a business model, 
> details of CSR regulatory obligations applying to your region, 
> a detailed sector benchmark, highlighting the key issues at stake 
> recommendations on the main issues to be addressed. 
Our multi-disciplinary team can also offer you an ESG Audit to define the expectations of funders according to their evaluation grid and the requirements of the Green Taxonomy.

Defining your CSR strategy

Canovia builds or optimizes your CSR approach with the aim of making it a long-term sustainable performance driver. To achieve this, our methodology consists of :
> Analysis of issues and regulatory obligations 
> Analysis of risks and opportunities 
> Definition of commitments and goals 
> Non-financial reporting 
> Dialogue with stakeholders 
> Structuring the governance model and value sharing 
> Definition of investors' expectations according to their evaluation grid 
> Drawing up an action plan to achieve defined objectives.

Operational deployment

Once the CSR strategy has been defined, Canovia can support your company in the development and implementation of action plans, according to your needs. To this end, we offer two tailor-made formulas: 
> Regular support for managers and executives in integrating CSR and managing risks, by monitoring action plans and optimizing the necessary resources. 
> Specific assistance with regulatory compliance (tertiary sector decree, Sapin II...), certifications such as B CorpTM, changeover to mission-driven company status, responsible purchasing charter, extra-financial reporting, ESG construction of financing applications…

Promoting your commitments

To communicate and promote your commitments and CSR actions effectively, we support you in developing dialogue with stakeholders, communicating your actions via your digital tools, writing and formalizing your DPEF & CSRD and developing the image of your company to help with recruitment and market opportunities.

Checks and audits

Canovia also acts as a trusted third party for investors, setting up ESG evaluation procedures for the companies to be financed, and verifying the data provided according to your evaluation criteria.

Why choose Canovia ?

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of CSR issues, we can help companies in Burgundy Region move towards sustainable business models that leverage social, environmental and business performance.

Indeed, Canovia has been a "Société à Mission" (Mission Company) since 2020 and BCorpTM certified since 2021, which means that our societal and environmental objectives are embedded in the company's articles of association and are binding on us. Every day, we apply and test internally the schemes we advocate to our customers, which gives us the knowledge and legitimacy we need to provide efficient CSR support.

Our dedicated team

I joined Canovia as a CSR consultant in May 2022 in order to participate in the deployment and implementation of company's internal CSR. As such, in each of my mission I apply the values held by Canovia.
CSR Consultant