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Recruitment at Canovia: how does it work?

Published on 1 October 2021 by Canovia

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Recruitment at Canovia: how does it work?  


Canovia is a team of about ten employees. All decisions concerning the life of the company are taken in the logic of participative management, and everyone's opinion counts. On a daily basis, the team is very close and works together in project mode, so when the time comes to integrate a new person in the team, the stakes are high! In this article, we'll explain everything about our recruitment process to help you understand what project management means to us, and who knows, maybe even make you want to join us!

A recruitment process that involves the entire team

On a daily basis, teamwork is at the heart of Canovia's DNA. Whether it is on client projects or on subjects that concern the internal life of the company. Indeed, there is no support function at Canovia, each team member chooses an internal mission: management control, payroll, leave management, training and recruitment. The project manager has the role of coordinator and relies on the skills of each person to ensure that the mission is carried out in time and successfully. Thus, the entire team is united and works hand in hand to carry out the values that Canovia holds dear every day. So, when it comes to integrating a new person into the team, the stakes are (very) high, since it is necessary to find someone who has the skills that Canovia needs while ensuring that his or her personality will allow him or her to fully take his or her place within the team! That's a big job!  Our motivation is to ensure diversity because we are convinced that a problem understood by people with different skills and personalities will be better managed than by a single person or a group composed of similar individualities.

In order to ensure that no mistakes are made and that the best candidates are recruited, Canovia has built a clear and transparent recruitment process, with the main objective of involving the entire team.

The definition of the recruitment needs is done in a participative way with the whole team, taking into account the situation of the company, the future projects and the workload of each person. On a voluntary basis, a pair will be formed to ensure the entire recruitment process: drafting the job offer, receiving and sorting the applications, then conducting the first round of interviews. Once the job offer has been written, it is published on our dedicated recruitment page and on our LinkedIn page, which allows maximum visibility. Applicants are often asked to take a few short tests to help us analyze whether their skills and attitudes match the characteristics required for the position in question. A period of several weeks is dedicated to receiving applications, and then the Canovia team in charge of recruiting reviews them to determine which candidates will be selected for the first round of interviews. As with everything at Canovia, the entire team is kept informed throughout the process and can interact with the two employees in charge of recruitment. The purpose of this first selection and the first round of interviews, beyond assessing the professional skills of the candidates, is to try to learn more about the personality and character of the potential new recruits. The team member in charge of the interviews reports on them to the rest of the team, and it is together that the decision is taken to continue - or not - the recruitment process with the candidates.

The second and final interview is conducted by an associate and/or one of Canovia's directors, and focuses more on the candidate's professional competencies and the suitability of their experience for the position in question. 

At the end of this recruitment process, the final decision is shared with the entire team, and everyone's opinion is heard. The goal of recruitment at Canovia, beyond meeting an operational need in a specific field of activity, is to expand the team in a sustainable manner! 


Personality and potential rather than diplomas

At Canovia, we believe that a person's value does not lie solely in his or her academic credentials or previous work experience. Obviously, when looking for someone to fill a legal or financial analyst position, degrees are important because they attest to the training received and the ability to hold a position in a specific field. However, what matters most at Canovia is the candidate's potential and his or her willingness to learn and to give the best of himself or herself. Since well-being in the workplace and employee development are two principles dear to Canovia's raison d'être, we will always give the advantage - and the necessary means - to a candidate who is motivated, ready to work and eager to learn. Canovia has a training policy that allows each employee to develop his or her skills throughout his or her professional career: personalized training plan, regular monitoring of skills, and the possibility of advancement internally or within the Group.

Canovia values the diversity of talents - background, experiences, beliefs, convictions, culture, education, social origin, nationality, age, disability, ethnic origin, etc. - their inclusion and their blossoming. We have, among other things, an ethical charter, an integration path and collaborative tools common to all. Canovia is also fully committed to the promotion of professional equality between women and men, and to the prevention of discrimination in its recruitment activities: all positions offered by Canovia are therefore fully accessible to people with disabilities. Candidates are encouraged to inform us of their status as a disabled worker, so that we can provide them with the best possible support during the recruitment process. Canovia has made numerous material and organizational adjustments to enable the company to adapt to the preferences and needs of each individual: premises fully adapted to accommodate people with disabilities, adjustable workstations, telecommuting policy and schedule adjustments, etc.


So now that you know more about how recruiting works at Canovia, feel free to check out our current openings on our dedicated page! And who knows, maybe the next team member is you!